During COME ALIVEThe Pleasure Society and Underbelly invited you to the CLITSHOP: the gift shop you’d usually expect at an exhibition, but slightly different. Step into a world full of eroticism, sexiness, and art.

COME ALIVE merchandise at the CLITSHOP

We took visitors on a journey of carefully selected products, books, and experiences. A holistic experience of what eroticism and pleasure can be. The Pleasure Society focused on the physical and Underbelly on the mind. Both love art. The combination of sensory experiences and eroticism, artist publications and relevant studies allow you to experience this multifaceted subject in all its diversity.

Left: TITS socks, right: selection of books & mags

Altogether the selection of products will create an immersive world of art, pleasure and eroticism.

“step into a world full of eroticism, sexiness, and art”

Right: Yes, Please! and Damn, Horny; Right: Leuterspel
Climax Club at the CLITSHOP