come alive at come alive

COME ALIVE invites a range of artists to give their view on what pleasure, eroticism, sexiness and anything in between mean to them. Pleasure is life energy according to the creators of the exhibition. COME ALIVE aims to make our bodies the most important gatekeepers in experiencing this life force that belongs to everyone. 

The exhibition kicks off on June 3rd at the bombastic Nieuwe Muntgebouw in Utrecht. To get you in the mood, we’d like to shine some glittery light on a few artists we’re really looking forward to seeing during the exhibition.

melanie bonajo & SKINSHIP @melanie_bonajo

melanie (they/them) is the artist who represents the Netherlands in the Venice Biennale this year (2022) and their work is also part of the COME ALIVE exhibition. Their work focuses on queer/trans/non-binary experiences in touch, pleasure and eroticism. Their experience as a somatic sex coach & educator and queer cuddle workshop organiser seeps into the work they make. In collaboration with their Berlin-based SKINSHIP team, they explore alternative forms of queer sexuality as a remedy for contemporary quests such as spiritual emptiness, the erosion of intimacy, and our lost connection with nature. We can’t wait to indulge ourselves in melanie’s queer, cuddly world. 

bas kosters – @baskosters 

A well-known name in the Netherlands for years, Bas Kosters (he/him) can pull you into his colourful, sexy world full of fluffiness and hot voodoo-looking dolls. During COME ALIVE he’ll invite you into his sex house where he’ll emphasise the tactility of textiles. It will feature the past and future of his erotic prints, soft sculptures and erotic narratives. Expect an array of sex dolls, kinky party vibes, a special guideline for gay living and lots that we can’t really explain in words.

yamuna forzani – @yamunaforzani

Yamuna (she/her) will mesmerise you with her performance during COME ALIVE. She’s creating a brightly coloured playground, inhabited by dancers and queens. Expect psychedelic and sensual textile designs in a world where we’d probably like to spend most of our time if we could. Being one of the organizers of the Utopia Ball, you can expect to be captivated by the ballroom-scene by enacting your own ballroom-moves in the set full of sensual fabrics and soft touches: a world that will definitely excite your imagination. Let’s get our groove on!!  

Get your tickets for the opening party on June 3rd here.  


The Pleasure Society teamed up with COME ALIVE in creating a shop concept we’ve called the CLITSHOP. Together with Underbelly we’re hosting this erotically artistic giftshop. You’ll most likely leave the shop with a hawt bag full of goodies, but not without also tickling your senses. 

And on Friday May 20th we’re hosting our monthly Radio Pleasure Society @ Echobox. We’ll be speaking to two artists that are part of the exhibition. Tune in live here on Friday 2PM CEST here