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There is something about Antonio Pàramo’s art that makes us feel incredibly safe. Not only is his work sexy, cheeky and very hot – therefore a must have for our erotic art gallery – but it is also so beautifully inclusive. The bodies that Antonio draws are from all sizes, shapes and forms. We love to see the representation of, among others, disabled, trans and fat bodies in his art. Antonio’s work simply puts a smile to our faces and a warmth in our hearts. You can go and support this artist by buying something from his shop or by even commissioning your own drawing(s)!

This is the Erotic Art Gallery of — Antonio Páramo. Enjoy!

about the artist …

Antonio Páramo (he/him), is a body and fat positive artist from Spain based in Cologne, Germany.

His work celebrates the beauty and bodies of the unconventional people who love who they are and don’t care what others say about them. “These are the kind of people I love to draw and photograph.”

“I also believe that it is my duty as an artist to send out a message of positivity – Regardless of race, sexuality, gender, size, I draw and paint as a sign of respect for the subjects of my artwork.”

what is the biggest inspiration for your art?

The beauty of the human body is my greatest inspiration. I like to recreate it with curved lines that flow on the canvas, representing that beauty in a faithful way but passed through my personal vision.

The fact that I know that I can help someone with my art is also a great inspiration and really the engine that moves me to keep on creating. I think the representation of all kinds of bodies in art is a wonderful thing that makes a lot of people happy and I’m glad I can be a small part of that.

describe what would be the perfect setting for you to have sex in

I like the atmosphere that can be created on an empty beach on a summer night. Kissing someone in the sea is an unforgettable experience. Besides, finding an empty beach these days is complicated, so it gives it a touch of adventure.

how do you prioritise your pleasure?

For me pleasure is one of the most important aspects of life. And not only sexual pleasure, but personal enjoyment on many levels. I especially enjoy food, small and simple moments.

As for sex I try to dedicate time to it as I think it is one of the most direct ways to learn to relax and learn about ourselves in these hurried times, but I think that with age you learn to see it in perspective and enjoy it in a healthier and more relaxed way.

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Check out his store for a pretty awesome selection of body loving clothes! Not looking for a new tee? No problem, you can also choose out of some cute phonecases, art prints and stickers! Who doesn’t like stickers, right?

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