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If you’d ask us, we’d want to teleport ourselves into the dreamy, steamy worlds of Azzuro Velluto. Her work makes us feel so warm and tender. It radiates this calm, loving energy.

Take a minute to really observe and dive deep into these artworks. There’s little details in every image for you to find. Cheeky details. Imagine you’re one of the women in the pictures and watch yourself be embraced by the cosy warmth of Azzurro Velluto.

about the artist …

“Imaginary Memories is a comic book in progress. I draw memories that are just imaginative ones — trying to catch the moments of intimacy and familiarity in lesbian relationships. I would like to create (and continue) a visual narrative which is equal, open-minded and free from fetishised & stereotypical imagery.

My name is Enikő Katalin Eged, my pronouns are she/her.  I’m a Budapest-based graphic designer and illustrator studying at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. I love illustrative narratives with intuitive visual forms, and look for graphic language that is simple, a bit abstract and elicits a strong atmosphere as well as a feeling of familiarity.”

“Intimacy, and the possibility of free visual expression of sapphic love and lesbian realtionships. Small details (like memories, smells, patterns etc.) also inspire me a lot.”

“The perfect setting for me can be almost anywhere where I feel safe myself (and my partner too). I mean mentally and physically safe too, which means an equal relation with open and clear communication. During the last few years I worked and studied a lot, so I’m almost constantly overwhelmed. It is not the best state of mind at all — most of the time I just felt the perfect setting could only be a vacation, a holiday. At my home I always felt the anxious vibes because of my duties. But I think it’s also a nice act for myself (and for my partner) to make places and time for just being together, and travel somewhere — which could be just a small village 2 hours away from our home, the importance is the focus on each other.”

“It’s a hard question for me because it was a long way to even recognise my own needs! In a patriarchal society, with a huge lack of sexual education, it’s a really hard thing to do (I am speaking from the Eastern Europe region). I’m still really caring and empathizing at a high level so I can truly say that my partner’s pleasure is the most important priority for me and my own pleasure depends on it. Reciprocity is also really important for me.”

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Some of our favourites:

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