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There is something so special about the work of Bran Solo. It makes you look twice. And when you do, the unusual details reveal themselves and show the great symbolism that is put into his work. It’s raw and vulnerable subjects that he touches upon but they’re always portrayed in softness and subtlety.

We proudly introducing this wonderful human to you. Enjoy the gallery.

about the artist …

Bran Sólo. Spain. 1985.
For me, the world is a strange and ghostly place. I can’t distinguish faces, usually, and I confuse some people with others. In addition, I live with a functional diversity in my sight that makes me see everything duplicated, like a kaleidoscope, so my mind interprets what it can and does not always get it right.

This, besides giving me a unique vision – literally –, makes me understand the world and its inhabitants in a different way. It turns us all into fantasy characters,  differentiated only by the accessories of appearance. That’s why my characters are like that, they belong to an imaginary world, which is actually my real world.

My characters are me. My characters are you. They are your fears, your reflection, and what comes to my eyes when I look at you.

La masculinidad, como elemento doloroso de frustración y miedo, y como objeto de deseo. La soledad, el miedo a vivir, el miedo a morir, a estar solo, a no ser amado… Todo eso me hace necesitar pintar, o dibujar, y ver frente a frente todos los miedos que a muchos de nosotros nos perturban.


Masculinity, as a painful element of frustration and fear, and as an object of desire. Loneliness, fear of living, fear of dying, of being alone, of not being loved…. All this makes me need to paint, or draw, and see face to face all the fears that disturb many of us.

Me gusta el campo, el sol, el calor, el juego con desconocidos, el romance instantáneo. Admirar y amar en un segundo, sin saber si algo más vendrá después. Quedarse con el momento. Pedir lo que me gusta sin vergüenza ni reservas. Me gusta el sexo como deporte de competición. Como tesis doctoral. Como chispa de luz que da descanso y ánimo.


I like the countryside, the sun, the heat, playing with strangers, and instant romance. To admire and love in a second, not knowing if something else will come later. To stay with the moment. Asking for what I like without shame or reservations. I like sex as a competitive sport. As a doctoral thesis. As a spark of light that gives rest and encouragement.

Es mi medicina. Lo que me permite seguir vivo, y tener ganas de salir de la cama cada mañana. No sólo el placer físico, que también, sino el placer emocional. Compartir el placer con otra persona, o tenerlo solo. Buscar y encontrar luego el descanso. Si perdiera esto lo habría perdido todo.


It is my medicine, which allows me to stay alive, and to feel like getting out of bed every morning. Not just the physical pleasure, which is also, but the emotional pleasure. Sharing pleasure with another person, or having it alone. To seek and then find rest. If I lost this I would have lost everything.

Trust, control, affection, hate: love. 
It is not sex that is shown in this scene, take a good look at it.
This work can be viewed face up or face down.

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