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Our beloved Emmy-Koos. You might recognise her from the lovely illustrations on our website, or the warm interview we did with her back when we just started the Pleasure Society. She’s a dear friend of ours and we couldn’t not put her beautiful work in the Erotic Art Gallery.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I (Isabelle, writing this introduction) shed a tear when I watched the interview with Emmy-Koos. It dawned on me just how special her art really is. She has eyes that see you as the most empowered version of yourself. The most beautiful and the most raw. She’s letting you be you. Completely. Yes, her art is colorful and pretty but there’s that raw, pure view of hers intertwined into the works that you cannot deny. And the best part is; you can have yourself, in that gorgeous powerful state, portrayed by her.

This is the Erotic Art Gallery of Emmy-Koos. Enjoy!

about the artist …

Emmy-Koos Meijer (1990) is a Dutch multi-disciplinary artist who grew up in Stellendam and now lives and works in Amsterdam. Emmy-Koos studied advertising at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, where she graduated in 2011. After a career in the Amsterdam advertising world, where she made creative, conceptual, and editorial work for various clients, she quit her job in 2016. Thanks to depression, she made the choice to go all in and embrace life. Within 2 years, she reinvented herself as an illustrator, creating work for international brands such as Wolford and magazines like Happinez. Now, she dedicates her art to empowering others.

“Creativity has been my lifeline. Drawing, writing, singing, and moving my body are my tools to deal with life. It just makes sense to let these talents be of service to other people and their personal journey of self-development.”

Emmy-Koos works on commission, creating Power Portraits – nude portraits made during a therapeutic 1-on-1 session. She also makes Illustrated Intentions, which serve as a visual reminder of what truly matters in your life right now. And she hosts workshops to pass on the creative tools she has developed for her own well-being. Her autonomous work is just as intimate, driven by her own feelings and life experiences.

The biggest inspiration for my art comes from emotions and feelings, like flow, yearning, frustration, and empowerment. Also, personal experiences, self-development, having a human body, my relationships, as well as nature, colors, stories, and collaborations all inspire me.

I’m envisioning lush fields of wildflowers, a soft breeze at just the right temperature, a comfortable bed, privacy, and time – well, time does not even exist in this setting. In “real” everyday life, I can do without the flowers, and the sex would probably be situated indoors, but time, privacy, and comfort are all very important factors for me to feel safe enough to completely submerge myself in the moment.


I prioritise my pleasure by creating time for it. I intend to work and live with boldness and softness. In this capitalist society, it takes courage and practice to not let the rat race take over. So I move my body, I take the time to feel the depth of my feelings, and try not to take anything too seriously. In this freedom, pleasure can pop up whenever it pleases.

All of Me

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Whether you want to embellish your house with one of Emmy-Koos’ gorgeous prints or you dare to step into your power and have your wonderful self portrayed by her, here’s some of our favorites from her shop.

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Some of our favorites:

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