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When we first laid our eyes on Stine’s work, we were completely blown away! How refreshing it is to see such dreamy-like erotic fat and queer art! We, at the pleasure society, find it important to celebrate all kinds of bodies and people enjoying pleasure. We feel that Stine her work really lives up to these standards as well. You can sense that every piece of her art has its own little touch of magic. Besides the fact that Stine’s art is truly gorgeous, her work also really puts us in the right mood….if you know what we mean. 😉

This is the Erotic Art Gallery of — Stine Greve. Enjoy!

about the artist…

Stine Greve (she/her) is a queer and fat positive illustrator and artist from Denmark, Copenhagen.

Stine’s bold, colourful and bright illustrations emphasise a great representation for fat people and their pleasure. Throughout her art you can truly feel and see the love and beauty of these bigger bodies. “I draw for all fat people to let them know they are worthy of wonderful things and good enough just as they are!” Stine says about her work.

Common themes in her illustrations are the pure magic of existing – and that also includes topics like having an existential crisis, spirituality and social issues: “I draw a lot of fat babes finding solace in nature, holding their belly or just doing every day things, being ordinary people just like everyone else.”

For us, her work comes across as very sensual, but also holds a certain safety within them. The characters she draws look completely at ease and comfortable. What a talent it is to bring something like that across through just a drawing! The feeling of such pure intimacy and softness in her artwork makes us feel all warm inside.

what is the biggest inspiration for your art?

I think the real world frustrates me, ever since I was kid I’ve always made up stories with magical elements, I was a daydreamer turned ADHD+ASD diagnosed and that’s sort of the basis for most of what I draw.

People have said that the people I draw look like they’ve never been bothered by outside expectations of them, never experienced fatphobia and are always sort of been happy with who they are and I like that and I’d like to think that all of my babes exist in an alternative magical reality where no one has ever not loved and accepted themselves.

About Last Night – Art Print

describe what would be the perfect setting for you to have sex in

Realistically I would just prefer it to be a place where I feel safe with a partner that makes me feel safe.. but if we dream big, I would love to have sex in literally any fantasy inspired drawing I’ve ever made. That’s perhaps why I make them 🙂 

how do you prioritise your pleasure?

Well.. I don’t. That is the sad truth, but I don’t. Especially not at the moment. For me it comes in waves, or periods, throughout the year, but the more stressed and hormonally inbalanced I am the less interested in anything sexual I become.

Last year I bought a bunch of new toys and it was all well and fun for a couple of months and then I got burned out over Christmas and then poof, all desire for anything was gone 🙁 I think maybe one of the ways I try to process all of that is by drawing erotic art. The same way I process being bi and in a great relationship with a cis-man, but miss women.

Water Nymphs – Art Print

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We absolutely adore all the goodies and beautiful merchandise that Stine has to offer! It was a real hard time choosing our favorites because everything is just stunning! If you’re looking for some fun and queer earrings, a spicy print or even better.. a spicy sticker, Stine’s got your back! Check out her shop below.

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