one year of pleasure society

one year of building my dream.
of something so close to me. 
a year of starting from scratch. 
a year of opening up. 
a year of our first batch. 
a year of a perfect match. 
a year including so many moments of doubt, uncertainty, confusion, breakdowns, cries. 
and also a year of laughter, satisfaction, excitement, vulnerability, high-fives, sensitivity, openness, honesty, sex, pleasure and pure bliss. 

Exactly one year ago the Pleasure Society launched. I got in touch with some amazing human beings (you know who you are) at the start of november 2020 who helped me build the brand of the Pleasure Society. The Instagram was born, the website was launched and we took off. What seemed like something impossible at first, turned out to be something viable. 

I wanted to tell more stories. Make people feel heard. Give people recognition and acknowledgement for who they are, how they see themselves and their sexuality. This is such a huge part of who we are as human beings. The Pleasure Society started because it’s so much fun to explore and get to know this part of ourselves. It can be confronting, too, of course. But the only way to break through the taboos that linger around sexuality, intimacy and pleasure, is to read, talk, explore more. 

I hope the society I’ve built has given you what you have been looking for. That it taught you new things, crazy things, funny things, sexy things. I hope it has opened up the conversation for you and your partner (if you have one), that it made talking about sexuality easier, that the music you heard from all the playlists (11!!)  that have been curated got you in the mood of a steamy sex sesh, cuddle puddle or something in between. I hope the erotic and sensual art we share brought tears to your eyes of how beautiful it is. I hope the questions we formulated in the Pleasure Cards Game helped you open up, laugh a bit and get to know your own and someone else’s sexuality a little better. That my podcast P.S. and Radio Pleasure Society opened up the conversation about subjects you might not have dived into without listening to an episode. That the columns written by some amazing contributors got you thinking differently and the Pleasure Portraits of some amazing human beings helped you love yourself more.  

It’s a huge cliché (they’re there for a reason, eh?), but one of the biggest things I learned from building the Pleasure Society to what it is today has been to find the right people that see you for who you are. The people that see the potential in your idea and make your heart make a little jump each time you see, talk or chat with them. I could not have molded the Pleasure Society into what it is today without the help of some amazing people, one of which is my business wifey Isabelle. She’s the gal behind all the amazing artwork, videos and designs you all see. Thanks, Belle. You fuckin’ rock! 

I’m excited for 2022. I am very ready for new things to grow and develop. Let’s not let Instagram’s shadow banning get in the way of the conversations we want and should have. Don’t let the closing of nightlife get in the way of not being able to flirt your way to satisfaction. Let your creative juice flow. Get your jiggle on. Shake your tushy.