pleasure cards

we proudly present you the first exclusive product of the pleasure society: the pleasure cards.

The rules of this game are simple: there aren’t any rules. There are three levels of questions: sexual orientation & beliefs, sexual exploration and a visit to the dark room. And the best part is: there is NO WINNER. It’s not necessarily the goal to go through all the questions in one game, but rather go wild with a few.

a card game to deepen your sexual relationship

When playing with two players, each player takes turns in picking a card and reading the question out loud to the other player. You can choose to ask questions in the order of the levels, but feel free to mix it up. We included the ‘vanilla round’ to get you in the mood for the game. If there’s ever a question that is triggering to you or you don’t want to respond to, simply skip to the next question.

We made this game because we believe that asking the right questions helps us become more wholesome and connected humans. It can help us explore what sexuality means to us, to others around us and from there create a deeper and more profound connection to this part of ourselves. 

let’s celebrate our sexuality and get to know it! curiosity empowers your sexuality.