pleasure playlist #13 – Passion DEEZ

The inimitable Passion DEEZ plays an alchemy of bass-centric sounds from 2-step and dark garage to instrumental grime and jungle. DEEZ is simply impressive on so many levels. With more than a decade in the scene, he carries with him the soul of UK sounds while keeping a seamless ability of exploring musical horizons. 

His perspective on music is as deep as it is innovative, and his energy captivating on and off the dance floor, DEEZ focuses on playing darker grooves and more percussive riddims bringing a unique perspective to the Dutch dance culture. Pushing the London sound and the contemporary productions from his peers, DEEZ always turns up with a bag full of tricks and a story to tell. 
Picking up the USB stick and blowing sentimental dust off forgotten wax, DEEZ has been touring the contemporary music landscape like a bat out of hell and rightfully reclaimed a space at the table with his refreshing curation. Playing a set pretty much every week during a pandemic made DEEZ hard to miss while we were all sitting at home reminiscing about our beloved club scene. He now regularly plays at venues, stages and stations all over Europe as well as playing a key role in Patta Soundsystem. 

“For my curation of songs for Pleasure Society, I opted to create an introspective collage of records that reflect intimacy from multiple perspectives. This was achieved by digging through my archives, in order to make a non-chronological sequence you are able to listen through this despite where you are on the spectrum between pure self love and utter devotion to another.

Affection can take multiple forms, reach varying depths, with multiple people, extending over diverse periods of time, and those emotions that come with it will change over time. The order of this playlist is very much a part of this concept I aimed to create so this isn’t one to shuffle and I recommend listening to it cover to cover, as if it was an opera with acts and scenes that help you better understand who you are and why you feel the way you do about yourself and those around you. 

Lobi Lobi 

Passion DEEZ

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