pleasure playlist #14 – Cathy

We’re introducing a friends & family edition of our Pleasure Playlist and Cathy is kicking off.

Cathy is a queer designer and artist with a love for all things fluorescent. She emigrated to Amsterdam over two years ago, built connections at a local sandwich shop and never looked back. Her music usually fluctuates from moody soundtracks and sad people with guitars, to 90’s R&B and her dad’s Fantastic 80’s CD.

“I started my playlist with the intention of it centring around love, connection and general saucy beats.  

But then it sort of evolved into a collection of songs that remind me of the love I have for all the important things, places and people in my life. With a slow and warm start, my playlist goes through a bunch of moods. It’s for warm evenings, long smooches and not taking yourself too seriously.”