pleasure portrait – maya

The pleasure portraits tell stories about about what sexuality means to different people. In a series of portraits, the Pleasure Society wants to show the diversity of what sexuality can mean, what it can look like and what people have to say about it from their own perspective. Let’s celebrated in all its different forms. With or without toys. If you just started exploring or have been exploring for much longer.

Sexuality is complex and diverse. Let’s proudly show it to the world.

Model: Maya. Photographer: Floor Opheij.

We talked to Maya (she/they, 30) about how the male gaze has shaped their way of seeing their sexuality for so long, the importance of good communication during sex and how dynamics can be totally different when dating women, enby and trans folks, as opposed to cismen. Our conversation was heartfelt and open.

This pleasure portraait can be listened to in audio. Our conversation with Maya took place in December, 2020 in Amsterdam-East. We edited the audio for brevity.

“sex can be something so funny”

Model: Maya. Photographer: Floor Opheij

“we tend to be attracted to feeling desired”

Foto’s: Floor Opheij.
Foto: Floor Opheij.