pleasure portraits: federica

The pleasure portraits tell stories about about what sexuality means to different people. In a series of portraits, the Pleasure Society wants to show the diversity of what sexuality can mean, what it can look like and what people have to say about it from their own perspective. Let’s celebrated in all its different forms. With or without toys. If you just started exploring or have been exploring for much longer.

Sexuality is complex and diverse. Let’s proudly show it to the world.

Model: Federica. Fotograaf: Floor Opheij

Federica’s (she/her, 33) cosy house in de Pijp smells soft and woody. Her adorable cat Tony purrs around us while we speak to her about the sexual transformation she’s been through, how she feels about opening up a vulnerable part of herself and seeing this as an act of liberation.

So, tell us, why are you doing this with us? 
I see it as an act of liberating myself for a shame that I still have. Although, I am quite open and talk to my close friends about these subjects easily, but it is something you might not want everyone to see. 

Model: Federica. Fotograaf: Floor Opheij

Could you describe what the shame you talk about is based on? 
Shame might be a big word. It’s just something very personal, and at the same time I wonder why does this feel so personal? It is a fundamental part of who we are, and as a woman it can sometimes be harder to express the sexual being that you are. My sexual identity has become such a big part of myself, that I find it weird how it still feels like a taboo in many situations.

“I see it as an act of liberating myself”

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Model: Federica. Fotograaf: Floor Opheij

So, the liberation lies in sharing your story, these pictures online with everyone to see? 
Yes, absolutely! I have been through a process of liberation in the past years, and I feel this is a big step towards feeling more comfortable with who I am.   it’s kind of scary as well, but somehow I went for it without any doubt… so it must be the right thing!

Foto: Floor Opheij