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#2 – 10 Sep – polyamory

Our second episode of Radio Pleasure Society was on all things polyamory, open relationships and free love. Our guest in the studio was our very own Isabelle Juursema (co-founder of the Pleasure Society). As she identifies as poly herself, we thought it would make sense to have her as a guest in the studio. Our community opened up about what their poly lifestyle has taught them and how it has changed their perspective on relationships in general. There’s no blueprint. You can make the rules yourself.

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playlist #2

Find a sexy playlist with music we played during this episode of the radio show as well as other tracks that resonate free love for us.

reading and listening recommendations

Some reading and listening recommendations we’d like to share with you on the topic of polyamory and open relationships that our community shared with us.


Mating in Captivity and State of Affairs – Esther Perel
Het Monogame Drama – Simon(e) van Saarloos
The Ethical Slut – Janet W. Hardy & Dossie Easton


Where Should We Begin – Esther Perel (ENG)
Savage Lovecast – Dan Savage (ENG)
We moeten praten – moderne relaties (NL)
De Polyam Podcast (NL)

#1 – 13 Aug – queerness

The first episode of Radio Pleasure Society was on queerness. We talked to Anna Devereux about their exploration of bi-sexuality, their take on queer sex and had some beautiful contributions from our community. You shared music and words with us that got us thinking. And showed us how diverse your experience is around this subject.

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We put together a little playlist that includes tracks we played during the show as well as some tunes that resonate queerness with us. Enjoy!


Our founder Shari wrote a poem on what queerness means to her. We didn’t have time to share the poem in the live show, so we decided to record and share like this.